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Double the Pleasure 12
Twin brothers Phil and Steve Mahre of the U.S. lit up Sun Valley by finishing first and third in the World Cup slalom
by William Oscar Johnson

On the Verge but Far From Foolish 16
Betty Cook, one tough grandmother, took up offshore powerboat racing a year ago and moved right to the top
by Douglas S. Looney

A Precocious Pup's Classic Win 18
Downing, not yet two years old, showed he was top dog by taking the $30,000 World Greyhound Classic
by Pat Putnam

Strutting Their Stuffs 20
When those flying young men of college basketball dunk, the rim shakes, the backboard quivers and fans go wild
by Barry McDermott

Hell on Two Wheels 30
Speedweek at Daytona is a non-stop extravaganza of manifold delights for motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world

Infusion of Dodger-Blue Blood 36
Becoming Walt Alston's successor has put Tom Lasorda in seventh heaven and, he hopes, first place at season's end
by Larry Keith

Facing Old King Cold 74
You can play winter games with almost anyone and have a good time, but on a frigid camping trip you need a horse like Sam
by Bil Gilbert

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Scorecard 7
College Basketball 44
Hockey 52
Adventure 56
Pro Basketball 60
Soccer 66
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

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Cover photograph by Tony Trilo

Next Week

Round one of the NCAA basketball tournament pares the 32 teams to 16. Barry McDermott reports on the upsets that inevitably occur and predicts which of the survivors have the best chance to reach the semifinals.

Losersville, U.S.A. is what many natives call Atlanta, which may glitter as a Boomtown but pales as a Sportstown with its last-place teams and sparse crowds. Atlantan Roy Blount Jr. goes home to find out what's wrong.