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Good, But Why Not the Best? 22
With a lineup including Dr. J and Big George, they should be awesome, but the playoff-bound 76ers are at sixes and sevens
by Curry Kirkpatrick

A Piece of Cake for Baker 26
When the rains came, the Daytona 200 became the 100, which was just fine by Steve Baker, whose Yamaha was way out front
by Sam Moses

The Sweet Sixteen Fight for a Kiss 28
But only one, the NCAA champion, will get it. That could be UCLA, Michigan or a team that lost to Georgia Southern this season
by Barry McDermott

After the Hurrahs, Only a Murmur 30
By shutting out the Aussies in the World Cup, the U.S. applied the coup de gr√¢ce to a glorious dynasty
by Frank Deford

City Game, Country Style 38
In the small Montana community of Lewistown, big men from big places compete in a four-day basketball jamboree
by Rick Telander

Three Fast Rounds in Saginaw 44
Everyone said it was the best Golden Gloves fight they'd ever seen, and they didn't even know what had happened that morning
by Ron Rau

Losersville, U.S.A. 74
While Boomtown Atlanta grows in wondrous ways, Sportstown Atlanta tries to outgrow its threadbare reputation
by Roy Blount Jr.

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Scorecard 15
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Skiing 64
Design for Sport 69
For the Record 89
19th Hole 90

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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