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Off and Runningto Atlanta

Nevada-Las Vegasrolled with its fast break 16
by Barry McDermott

Al McGuire earnedanother week of room service 18
by Joe Jares

Carolina's roadto success at four corners 19
by Kent Hannon

N.C.-Charlottehad no reason to be hush hush 20
by William F. Reed

Jeemy Young!Jeemy Young! 22
The crowd roared for the underdog who outthought and outfought George Foremanand traumatized the heavyweight scene
by Pat Putnam

Bumper Crop fromthe Farm 24
Baseball has its third straight rich harvest of rookies, and Texas may havereaped the best of the bunch in Bump Wills
by Peter Gammons

Reincarnation andRituals 30
Pity the hockey goalies cowering in the nets. To soothe their nerves theyembrace weird beliefs and perform bizarre rituals
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Putting on aWhale of a Show 34
Baja's Magdalena Bay is where the gray whales winter—big, barnacled mamas andtheir newborn 15-foot, half-ton offspring
by Robert F. Jones

Feeling Fit toHurt Some Feelings 40
Having streaked to 15 victories on the boards, sprinter Steve Riddick is raringto dust his rivals outdoors
by Joe Marshall

That Orange ShirtMeans Something 68
Explaining what it's like to play football for Tennessee comes naturally to theVols' new coach, Johnny Majors
by John Underwood


Scorecard 11
Boating 48
College Basketball 53
Wrestling 56
Fishing 60
Golf 64
For the Record 81
19th Hole 82

Credits on page81

Cover photographby Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

What better Omni present than the NCAA basketballtitle. One of four regional champions—North Carolina, Marquette, Nevada-LasVegas, N.C.-Charlotte—will receive just that in Atlanta. Barry McDermott wrapsup the season.

The kid from Brooklyn, Danny Kaye, has himself abaseball team, although the Seattle Mariners may not be his beloved Dodgers.Ron Fimrite follows the master of mime and cookery, medicine and symphony as hepursues a passion.