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The Big Farewell 20
Marquette was out to give Al McGuire a nifty going-away present—the NCAA title—if North Carolina didn't mind
by Barry McDermott

Extra! Evert Loses Set 24
Despite a shaky start, the golden girl of women's tennis defeated Sue Barker and took home the Silver Ginny once again
by Joe Jares

Bottom Was on Top 26
USC's Joe Bottom broke two venerable swimming marks at an NCAA championship in which no record was spared
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Creating a Flemish Masterpiece 28
A glorious, if grueling, setting for the cross-country world championship inspired Belgium's Leon Schots
by Kenny Moore

Bound for Glory and Roses 36
Seattle Slew can do, can do, as he showed in the Flamingo. We got the Derby horse right here and we may be super
by William Leggett

None of Them Will Win 40
Bet on experience at the Masters, not that bunch of young hotshots who have ripped up the winter golf circuit
by Dan Jenkins

Boxing Fits Him Like a Glove 46
Brussels-bred, Harrow-schooled and Paris-garbed, George Kanter is a man of charm and the U.S. fight game's hot line to Europe
by Dan Levin

A Lot of Person 76
Danny Kaye has mastered mime, conducting and medicine. Now he's trying baseball as an owner of the new Seattle Mariners
by Ron Fimrite

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Baseball 1977 opens the era of free agents, and an analysis of the season ahead tells how the new rich figure to help—or hinder—their new clubs. But the game is not populated solely by fat cats, as Robert Grossman shows in a pictorial report on the superflakes and Ron Fimrite tells in his profile of Mark Fidrych. Finally, Mark Kram helps slugger Hack Wilson ask, "Why Ain't I in the Hall?"