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It Wasn't All in the Cards 22
In January the leading pair mystifyingly withdrew from the U.S. bridge team championships. Now the facts are emerging
by Walter Bingham

They Saved the Best for Last 26
It was a nine-team photo finish, but Boston was the biggest winner on the wildest final Sunday in NHL history
by Peter Gammons

Bull's-eye for a Black Dart 28
Mario Andretti has been labeled a hard-luck driver, but he showed it was a bum rap at the U.S. Grand Prix West
by Sam Moses

78 Wins and Still Counting 30
At the Dinah Shore, some said 37-year-old Kathy Whitworth was past her prime, but youth must wait for another day
by Sarah Pileggi

Baseball 1977

In the year of free agents, the game's main concern is the new millionaires. Will they play hard or rest on their long-term contracts? 36

Still, there are lots of free spirits. Robert Grossman paints the flakes, and Ron Fimrite chips in with a sighting of a rare bird 38

Scouting reports analyze the races in all four divisions, with emphasis on how the best of the free agents should help their clubs 52

Why Ain't I in the Hall? 88
So asks Hack Wilson, who in 1930 set the major league record for RBIs and the National League home-run mark
by Mark Kram

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