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In Clover Again 20
Celtic mystique pays off in playoffs. Last week Boston overwhelmed San Antonio and won its first game against the 76ers
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Tip of the Hat, Cut of the Bat 24
The Blue Jays planned to win over Toronto fans with congeniality. Instead, led by rookie Doug Ault, they've done it with victories
by Ron Fimrite

Joe Goes Hollywood or Bust 26
Waived by the Jets, Namath wants to sign with the Rams, but does Los Angeles want him or Houston's Dan Pastorini?
by Joe Marshall

Choking Off Criticism 28
With one stroke of his putter, Tom Watson silenced those who doubted him. A close look at the Masters champion
by Sarah Pileggi

You Can't Beat This Game 34
A favorite in the East and gaining in popularity elsewhere, lacrosse is an exhilarating sport. Just ask those who play it
by Mark Donovan

Gimmicks, Gadgets, Goodby Records 40
Swimmers keep rewriting the record book with help from antifriction sprays, Dragins, Operation Balloon and Coleridge
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

At the End of their Rainbows 50
Rick Buhrke specializes in catching home runs, not hitting them. So far, he's snagged 83 in the streets of Chicago
by Rick Telander

Out for Blood 76
Ever get knocked down by a dead shark? It can happen—and did—if you're trying to fill an order for a gallon of its blood
by Jack Rudloe

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Next Week

Despite the Hoopla, undefeated Seattle Slew has not won a derby, but the colt he will meet in the Wood Memorial, Clev Er Tell, has already won two (Louisiana and Arkansas). Bill Leggett reports from Aqueduct.

The Z Bombs explode in L.A. when undefeated Carlos Zarate squares off against undefeated Alfonso Zamora in a battle of world champions. Pat Putnam is at ringside for the long-awaited meeting of Mexico's two superb bantamweights.