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Some Very Wrong Numbers 22
ABC's boxing tournament hoped to find U.S. champs. Instead, it turned up chumps, and pugs who don't belong in "The Ring"
by Robert H. Boyle

Zapped, but Still Champ 28
WBA bantamweight champion Alfonso Zamora was kayoed by WBC champ Carlos Zarate in an over-the-weight barnburner
by Pat Putnam

Keeping Cool in a Cold Streak 30
Just as their rivals hoped, the Yankees got off to a bad start. But while losing eight of nine, they did not lose their poise
by Larry Keith

Down a Crazy River 38
The White Water Derby brings 500 canoeists and kayakers plus 25,000 spectators to the annually astonished Hudson
by Dan Levin

Served Up, Imperially 44
Bob Kendler, the Wizard of Skokie, became the emperor of handball by pushing his enemies harder than they pushed him
by Morton Sharnik

The High Road to Failure 92
Falling short of the K2 summit, the U.S. climbers found that in learning to accept defeat, they learned more about themselves
by Galen Rowell

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