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A.J., You're Amazing 16
Ten years after his last triumph at the Speedway, A.J. Foyt was back in Victory Lane with an unprecedented fourth Indy win
by Sam Moses

The Bird Flaps Again 20
In his first 1977 appearance, Detroit's Mark Fidrych drew 44,207 fans and showed he is as winsome as ever
by Peter Gammons

No Place Like Home Court 22
The Blazers fizzled in Philly, where they lost the first two playoff games to the 76ers, but they were pyrotechnic in Portland
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Only Way to Go Is Up 24
George Willig's daring ascent of New York's 110-story World Trade Center was an uplifting experience as well as a difficult climb
by Sam Moses

With a Grip on Glory 30
Judy Rankin still holds her golf clubs like a novice, but she is the most consistent pro—man or woman—competing today
by Sarah Pileggi

Bad Show at the Mud Hole 36
Had it not been for Saturday night, and the seared black pudding, Costello's Angling Club might have survived Sunday's outing
by Clive Gammon

Viva El Beisbol in Cuba 68
Magenta-shirted umps are among the revolutionary aspects of the game in Castro's country, where baseball remains a passion
by Ron Fimrite

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Scorecard 13
Baseball 44
Hockey 52
Boating 55
Lacrosse 63
For the Record 83
19th Hole 84

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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart

Next Week

Going, going...gone has been the flight pattern all spring, as big league batters tee off on the new baseball made by Rawlings. Larry Keith discloses the results of scientific tests undertaken to determine if the ball is indeed livelier.

Lots of rough stuff is, to their sorrow, what golfers find on U.S. Open courses, and Tulsa's Southern Hills will be no exception. As Sarah Pileggi reports, the USGA feels that if God gave us 14 clubs, he must have meant us to use them.