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Knocking the Stuffing Out 22
While the batters have a ball and the pitchers bawl, tests reveal that the new Rawlings baseball is certainly not a turtle
by Larry Keith

Recovery from Kulturschock 28
Franz Beckenbauer, the world's best soccer player, had some uneasy moments during his first week with the Cosmos
by Clive Gammon

All for One Beats One for All 30
One man, even Dr. J, can't beat five, particularly when five men play like one, as Portland did to win the NBA title
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Rough and Ready 36
Golfers have been known to moan and groan about the way USGA toughens up Open courses. They'll be wailing in Tulsa
by Sarah Pileggi

Luck Be a Lady 40
...for just a few more nights, or until the guys and dolls who own him get to see Seattle Slew win the Triple Crown
by Douglas S. Looney

Enjoy the Turmoil 80
When he isn't peppering cicadas with .22 longs filled with bird shot, Chanter Chapman, 76, is blasting Jeeps with his slingshot
by Robert H. Boyle

The Departments

Scorecard 13
Baseball 52
Harness Racing 62
Softball 66
Rowing 70
Track & Field 77
For the Record 99
19th Hole 100

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

The glory road is now just a mile and a half long for Seattle Slew. If he wins the Belmont, he will become the only unbeaten colt to take all three Triple Crown events in the 102 years they have been held. William Leggett reports.

The road to Düsseldorf begins in Los Angeles for U.S. track and field athletes, for a victory in the AAU championships means a berth on the squad that goes to West Germany to compete in the first World Cup. Kenny Moore is at trackside.