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Revival and Survival 16
Their showdown over, Earl Weaver's patchwork Orioles still led the Yankees and Billy Martin's job remained in jeopardy
by Larry Keith

A Star Bows Out, a Star Bows In 20
After a hard-fought victory over Rodrigo Valdes, middleweight champ Carlos Monzon will retire to his movie career—he says
by Pat Putnam

Sea of Perplexity 22
In America's Cup trials that baffled the seers, the three contending U.S. yachts took turns beating one another
by Coles Phinizy

Driven by Mo-ped Madness 24
Almost everyone, it seems, wants to putt-putt everywhere on a gizmo that is more than a bike but less than a cycle
by Daphne Hurford

A New Reign in Spain 30
Led by swashbuckling Severiano Ballesteros, Spanish golfers have supplanted the British as Europe's best
by Ben Wright

Duck, If You Call Him Old Folks 34
Trapshooter Elgin Gates, who is aiming at a unique triple next week, likes nothing better than taking on young hotshots
by Virginia Kraft

Easy Times the Hard Way 54
After long years on the hustle, Danny D is a man who has bought the dream, and discovered that it isn't worth the price
by Barry McDermott

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Next Week

OH, THAT OH! Sadaharu Oh, the slugging first baseman of Tokyo's Yomiuri Giants, has hit 742 home runs and is a sure bet to surpass Henry Aaron's record 755. Frank Deford visits Oh-san and tells why he is already more monument than man.

When in Rome, Vitas Gerulaitis won the Italian Open and soon after nearly upset Bjorn Borg at Wimbledon. Barry McDermott tries to keep up with the rapidly improving 23-year-old, who shows as much flair for the high life as he does for tennis.