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Giving Joe a Big Hello 8
Although he played only one quarter and threw but four passes, Joe Namath drew cheers in his debut with the Rams
by Ron Fimrite

Double-teaming the Jinx 12
When Donnie Allison couldn't take the heat, Darrell Waltrip jumped into Allison's car and drove to victory in the Talladega 500
by Sam Moses

Calvin Discovers Murphy's Law 14
A 12-year-old dominated the national twirling tournament as Houston Guard Calvin Murphy performed like a "klutz"
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Care To Join Our Little Game? 16
If so, a few golfing sharks who gathered in Las Vegas for some action would have welcomed you and your wallet
by Edwin Shrake

Veni, Vidi, Vici for Vitas 24
Hail Vitas Gerulaitas, winner in Rome, semifinalist at Wimbledon, who some say will rule at Forest Hills. Et tu?
by Barry McDermott

I've Got You Under My Skin 30
Fleas have been putting the bite on man and beast for millennia, and not much can be done about it
by Bil Gilbert

Move Over for Oh-San 58
Sadaharu Oh's batting style may look funny, but Japan's national hero should soon break Henry Aaron's home run record
by Frank Deford

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