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Reaching Their Goal 14
By beating Seattle in Soccer Bowl '77, the Cosmos not only won the NASL title but they also made Pelé's dream come true
by Clive Gammon

Bottom Was Up to Topping a Mark 18
Joe Bottom erased Mark Spitz from the record book at the U.S.-East German swimming meet in East Berlin
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

A Royal Occasion 20
The American League West has its hottest race ever, but the heat may soon be off if the three pretenders can't stop defending champion Kansas City

College Football '77

The semifictitious coach is back and thinks giving fewer scholarships is fine—it's the non-scholars that worry him 28
by John Underwood

There's a tavern in all college towns where on game days, and often far into the night, rooters can raise the rafters 32
Paintings by Bernard Fuchs

Scouting reports on the Top 20 teams, the conference races, the leading independents and the best of the small colleges 38

So it has to come to pass, now that defenses have caught up with the wishbone and the other run, run, run offenses 72
by Mike DelNagro

A Melding of Men Suited to a T 90
The 1940 Stanford team had a dour coach, an unrestrained quarterback and a squad of losers, but they changed football
by Ron Fimrite

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The world cup runneth over in Düsseldorf, with track and field athletes from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, South America and the U.S. fighting it out. Kenny Moore reports on the sport's first world championship.

On the sonny side of the river—which is to say the Jersey, or David A. Werblin, bank of the Hudson—Ray Kennedy describes the miraculous conception, birth and progress toward sports arena-hood of what used to be a garbage dump.