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The Cup Turned into a Coup 16
Track and field's first World Cup seemed a bit tarnished at first, but the meet in Düsseldorf ended up a lustrous innovation
by Kenny Moore

Green Speed Was Red Hot 22
The colt took the Hambletonian in straight heats but won't have a shot at the Triple Crown because nobody risked $460
by Douglas S. Looney

The Day of Reckoning Is Nigh 24
Ted Turner's Courageous won the honor of defending the America's Cup and now faces a challenger up from Down Under
by Coles Phinizy

Bananas in the Bushes 32
Jim Paul can't figure out the infield fly rule, but he knows how to fill El Paso's ball park, with gimmicks like the sundae doubleheader
by Pat Putnam

'Better Than Working for a Living' 36
As the assistant coaches of the Pittsburgh Steelers will tell you, you could do a lot worse than watching game films and checking beds
by Myron Cope

Miracle in the Meadows 74
One of the outstanding garbage dumps of our time was turned into a gold mine of a sports complex by alchemist Sonny Werblin
by Ray Kennedy

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