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Roger, Over and In 18
After Dallas and Minnesota bumbled and fumbled for 60 minutes, Roger Staubach led the Cowboys to a sudden-death win
by Dan Jenkins

March of the Hit Paraders 22
Seven champs kept their crowns in a bang-up week, which showed that boxing's problem may be a shortage of contenders
by Pat Putnam

A Cup of Tea 26
For Ted Turner and the men of Courageous, turning back the Aussies in the America's Cup was just a piece of cake
by Coles Phinizy

Sounding Like a Broken Record 36
With every roaring crowd, the Dodgers set a big league attendance mark as they head to the heretofore unthinkable three million
by Ron Fimrite

But First, This Commercial 42
Having been run up the flagpole and saluted, Bruce Jenner is all set to make big bucks as a blow-dried Jack Armstrong
by Barry McDermott

The Greatest Showman on Earth 82
He is Gunther Gebel-Williams, a lion tamer who doesn't tame lions, a man so brave he put both his wives in the same act
by Curry Kirkpatrick

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Next Week

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Something always gives when the Raiders and the Steelers meet—an immaculate reception by Franco Harris, a wipeout of Lynn Swann by George Atkinson, slander suits and countersuits. Dan Jenkins is in the press box at Three Rivers.