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Never Too Late for the Sooners 14
Oklahoma kept giving the ball to Ohio State, but it never gave up, and with six seconds left it beat the Buckeyes
by John Underwood

True Tests of Talent 18
The playoffs have proved a very efficient way to separate the best teams from the good ones. This year it looks like Philly and K.C.
by Larry Keith

There Were No Hard Feelings 22
What was expected to be another Oakland-Pittsburgh bloodbath turned into a mild-mannered game that the Raiders won handily
by Dan Jenkins

A Breathtaking Ride 28
It is time once again for Watkins Glen and the U.S. Grand Prix, in which the speeding cars offer sharp contrast to the sylvan surroundings

Recovering from a Rocky Start 34
When Rocky Balboa got his chance, he lost the fight. But when sandlot retread Vince Papale got his, he made the team
by Robert F. Jones

Lessons from a Lower Level 72
After a long absence from the game, the author tries out for a local soccer club and rediscovers the mysteries of foot and ball
by John Domini

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Scorecard 9
TV/Radio 42
Football's Week 44
Baseball's Week 52
Harness Racing 58
Hunting 66
Horse Racing 70
For the Record 88
19th Hole 90

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Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

Next Week

Ali calls him an acorn, but the slick-headed and heavy-hitting Earnie Shavers insists he is more of a mighty oak. Either way, each will try to chop the other down in their heavyweight title fight at Madison Square Garden. Pat Putnam is at ringside.

Life at the top of the college football rankings is rough and sometimes brutally short, as Michigan and Texas A&M will prove when they meet. Joe Jares is in Ann Arbor to report on who takes whom down a peg or two.