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Good Guys Against the Bad 18
Despite moments of anarchy in their clubhouse and stands, the Yankees took a 3-2 World Series lead over the amiable Dodgers
by Ron Fimrite

Slim Pickings at the Cabbage Patch 26
The embryonic U.S. rugby team lost its first battle to the British at Twickenham, but the war has just begun
by Clive Gammon

A Radical Who Runs Scared 32
Bill Rodgers, the American record holder in the marathon, races on and on, fearing his talent may suddenly desert him
by Kenny Moore

Plimpton vs. the Wily Moore 38
In 1959, when participatory journalism and the author were both young, he was brash enough to fight a world champion
by George Plimpton

I.M., the Wonder Walk-On 57
Isaiah Moses Hipp had to borrow his way to Nebraska because nobody wanted him. Now he's rushing to records
by Douglas S. Looney

This Strange Joint 84
The knee, far more complex than a hinge, can turn, glide, float—and come apart, as athletes know to their sorrow
by William Oscar Johnson

The Departments

Scorecard 15
TV/Radio 52
Football's Week 57
Soccer 66
Pro Basketball 72
Horse Racing 76
Pro Football 78
For the Record 99
19th Hole 100

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

Next Week

Pro Basketball opens with Portland in the champion's seat and Blazermania rampant. Curry Kirkpatrick ponders that phenomenon in his assessment of the league, and John Papanek analyzes the Enforcers on the court, including the Blazers' main man, Maurice Lucas. Harry Benson adds a photo essay on these tough customers, there are full scouting reports and former New York Knicks notable Bill Bradley discusses what it takes to build a winning team. The answer is not just money All this plus coverage of the week's major events.