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Dressed to Kill 20
Taking the field wearing green jerseys for the first time since 1963, Notre Dame trampled fifth-ranked USC 49-19
by Douglas S. Looney

Bill Rodgers Took Manhattan... 24
...the Bronx and Staten Island, too—not to mention Brooklyn and Queens—as he ran away with the New York Marathon
by Walter Bingham

They're Sacking the Jones Boy 26
The Patriots tackled Bert Jones for 53 yards in losses and held him to six completions as they beat the previously undefeated Colts
by Dan Jenkins

Reg-gie! Reg-gie!! Reg-gie!!! 28
After hitting three home runs and clobbering the Dodgers, Reggie Jackson went on a whirlwind tour that touched all bases
by Ron Fimrite

Pro Basketball, 1977-78
As the season got underway, Blazermania was at a fever pitch in Portland, but can the champs remain on top? 36
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The NBA's enforcers play even tougher than they look. Some of the league's best tell how they maintain order on the court 38
by John Papanek

Despite trades, free-agent deals and crucial injuries, scouting reports indicate little change in the power structure 50

You Can't Buy Heart 102
True teams, says the former Knicks' star, are a delicate amalgam of talent and personality, with everyone fulfilling a role
by Bill Bradley

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Scorecard 15
Football's Week 62
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Archery 77
Hockey 86
Pro Football 90
Sports Medicine 94
For the Record 117
19th Hole 118

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

The second edition of baseball's reentry draft is apt to show that the owners are now cheaper and wiser. Larry Keith assesses the free agents' play in '77 and combs the draft list for bargains and those players who are overpriced at any price.

Semi-good is about the way Dan Jenkins rates the movie that was made from his rowdy, best-selling novel, Semi-Tough, and tells what it was like lurking behind the cameras watching Hollywood semi-depict pro football.