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Upending the Upstarts 22
Unfazed by a previous loss to the unbeaten Broncos or the new football mania in Denver, Oakland rushed to a 24-14 win
by Joe Marshall

They're Kicking Up a Storm 26
In the Southwest Conference, midfield is scoring territory, for that's where field-goal whizzes Erxleben, Franklin and Little tee up
by Joe Jares

Is It Daft, or Deft, to Draft? 30
On the eve of the second baseball free-agent draft, it's time to assess the first. Cleveland, for one, had mixed results
by Larry Keith

Step Right Up 38
Anyone eager to take a whirl at professional golf can set out on a mini-tour and find out fast if he'll go far
by Bob Drum

Tumult on a Wild Shore 42
Disgruntled with crowded streams, an angler finds no solitude, but hordes of bluefish, on a howling Nantucket beach
by William Humphrey

Semi-Tough Goes to the Movies 78
The author of a best-selling pro football novel watches with dismay and reluctant admiration as his book becomes a film
by Dan Jenkins

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Scorecard 15
TV/Radio 50
Football's Week 55
Olympics 64
Outdoors 70
Pro Basketball 74
For the Record 93
19th Hole 94

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

Next Week

The big two, made up of Ohio State and Michigan, makes a practice of beating up on the Little Eight to earn the privilege of getting beat up on in the Rose Bowl. John Underwood visits Indiana Coach Lee Corso, who, win or lose, is always unbowed.

One of the best moments in the lives of the players on the Vicksburg (Mich.) High School football team was upsetting South Haven to open the 1976 season. Bil Gilbert follows the fortunes of the Vicksburg Bulldogs while pursuing his own past.