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Which Horse Is Which? 28
When a ringer romped in at 57 to 1 at famed Belmont Park, officials began to uncover disturbing and dire deeds
by William Leggett

Interest Centers on the Central 32
After Cincinnati upset Cleveland, the NFL's toughest division had the tightest race, the Browns leading their three rivals by only a game
by Ron Reid

Ambush on the Comeback Trail 34
Billie Jean King had won three straight tournaments, but her nemesis, Chris Evert, ended the streak at the Colgate
by Walter Bingham

Win, Lose and Split 36
The fight could have gone either way, and often did, but the decision for Norton over Young was what counted
by Pat Putnam

Don't Let 'em Wear You Down 46
For the "Little Eight," life in the Big Ten is gloomy, but Indiana's Lee Corso is brightening things up
by John Underwood

The World's Strongest Woman 60
Jan Todd of Nova Scotia—farmer, housewife and high school English teacher—lifts because she loves it
by Sarah Pileggi

The Senior Season 104
The author revisits small-town high school football in Michigan, watches a stirring victory and has old memories rekindled
by Bil Gilbert

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Scorecard 19
College Football 72
Baseball 83
Pro Basketball 89
Skiing 93
Motor Sports 100
For the Record 129
19th Hole 130

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Next Week

THE JUNIOR CIRCUIT—the American Football Conference, that is—has beaten the haughty old NFC in six of the last seven Super Bowl games and is dominating the NFC in interconference games this season. Joe Marshall tells why.

Don't bet on it, not against Marty Reisman, winner of 17 national and international table tennis titles who, as Ray Kennedy relates, can beat you with his Hock Special—or a trash can lid, a Coke bottle, a light bulb, his horn-rims, a shoe.