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Storms over the Atlantic 16
Winds of discontent raked the easternmost NBA division, leaving Philly with a new coach and Boston all shook up
by Curry Kirkpatrick

No Bombs in the Rockets' Red Glare 20
Brigham Young's explosive aerial attack fizzled as fireworks heralded an Arizona State victory in their WAC showdown
by Walter Bingham

What the Doctor Ordered 22
Slumping when they came to New York, Montreal got healthy with a victory, and Philadelphia's condition improved with a tie
by Peter Gammons

Vince, You Wouldn't Believe It 24
Five straight Super Bowls and this season's 11-3 interconference lead mean the AFC now owns Lombardi's old NFL
by Joe Marshall

A Penchant for the Pentathlon 32
Jane Frederick is the No. 1 pentathlete in the U.S. but her goal is to be first in the world and the first to score 5,000 points
by Joe Marshall

In the End, Defeat and Pain 38
Losses and injuries dampen Vicksburg High School's football hopes as the seniors come to the sad, sweet end of their last season
by Bil Gilbert

A Little Night Music 82
It isn't a Broadway lullaby when Marty Reisman hustles all comers to the plockety-plock-plick of Ping-Pong balls
by Ray Kennedy

The Departments

Scorecard 10
TV/Radio 55
College Football 56
Boating 66
Skateboards 68
Hunting 74
For the Record 101
19th Hole 102

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Cover illustration by Sandy Huffaker

Next Week

All eyes are on the hoop as the 1977-78 college basketball issue opens with an analysis by Kent Hannon of today's soaring shooters and their high-percentage jumpers. Ben Rose's photo essay on the hottest shots includes a superb player who is the game's best-kept secret. A conversation with controversial Al McGuire and Scouting Reports on the Top 20, the best of the rest, small colleges and women's teams complete the coverage. Plus the usual array of news and feature stories.