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Two in a Row for Bo 20
Michigan came up with the big plays to blunt every Ohio State drive and earn a second straight trip to the Rose Bowl
by John Underwood

Trouble Brewing on the Bay 24
America's best sailors were buffeted, broken up and then becalmed as they sought to determine who was champion of champions
by Julia Lamb

Payton Takes O.J.'s Place 26
By rushing for 275 yards against the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago's Walter Payton broke Simpson's NFL single-game record

A New Lease on Life 28
Banned by one league after a sticking incident, Willie Trognitz resurfaced almost overnight in the WHA
by Peter Gammons

College Basketball 1977-78

In a special interview, Marquette coach-turned-businessman Al McGuire gives his controversial view of the game 34
by Larry Keith

The jump shot has sent shooting percentages soaring, particularly those of the hottest of the hot shots 38
by Kent Hannon

A full array of Scouting Reports analyze the Top 20, the best of the rest, the small colleges and leading women's teams 50

A Hurricane of Death 100
The extinction of the passenger pigeon is a sad story. Here is an account of what really happened to them, and why
by Hilary Masters

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College Football 90
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Cover photograph by Lane Stewart

Next Week

Bowl match-ups and conference titles are on the line as Texas meets Texas A&M, Oklahoma faces Nebraska and UCLA takes on USC. In the far from effete East, Pitt tangles with Penn State. The staff covers college football's big week.

An old snow job, that elegant skiing maneuver known as the Telemark turn, has been given new life by a band of Colorado mountaineers. Jule Campbell and William Oscar Johnson tell how to gear up for the high hills and get back down.