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What a Way to Wind It Up 20
In rousing regular-season finales, Texas came away the big winner, and Oklahoma, Penn State and USC all did themselves proud

Heavy Truckin' on Bourbon Street 26
New Orleans has dreamy dreams of the NBA playoffs now that burly ten (Truck) Robinson is complementing Pete Maravich
by John Papanek

Here They Come, Grasshoppers! 28
First there were the hordes of little girls and then Jan Merrill set out to defend her AAU cross-country title at San Bernardino
by Kenny Moore

'I Date No One Under 48' 36
So says 82-year-old George Halas of the Chicago Bears, and his 'Typical Days' are booked solid until April 1
by Frank Deford

Skiing Goes Mountaineering

Touring the high country is safer, and considerably more comfortable, with the right gear for getting away from it all
by Jule Campbell 57

The elegant old Telemark turn was languishing in skiing's attic, until a band of Coloradans gussied it up
by William Oscar Johnson 59

Making a Comeback from Nowhere 106
After 17 years in the slammer, heavyweight Bobby Halpern, once the pride of the Bronx, is back in the ring at age 44
by Paul Zimmerman

The Departments

Scorecard 15
TV/Radio 68
Betting 70
College Football 77
College Basketball 81
Pro Football 87
Body Building 91
Tennis 99
Hockey 102
For the Record 123
19th Hole 124

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

Credits on page 123

Next Week

There's no end to Defensive End Lyle Alzado of the surprising Denver Broncos. Off the field, Sarah Pileggi reports, Alzado is a tireless worker for charitable causes; on it, he shows no mercy as the head pulper for the Orange Crush defense.

Fish and waterfowl teem in the Tikchik Lakes country of southwestern Alaska. With fly rod and shotgun, Robert F. Jones goes afield in pursuit of Arctic char, grayling and rainbows, as well as geese and ducks, but discovers all's far from well.