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On the Super Highway 10

It was sudden death and, appropriately, a Ghost led Oakland past Baltimore

Full of Crushmas spirit, Tiny Tom made it a merry afternoon for Denver

Waters, Waters was everywhere as Dallas demolished the feckless Bears

Muddied but unbowed, Minnesota took an early lead to upset Los Angeles

Paying Through the Nose 18
At the spanking-new supertrack, Meadowlands, horsemen suspect air pollution is causing equine ills
by Douglas S. Looney

It's All Downhill from Here 22
Not to mention a lot of slalom at Burke Mountain Academy, where students learn how to become world-class ski racers
by Douglas S. Looney

Blue-Collar Coach, Button-Down League 26
Pete Carril smokes stogies and hangs out in a seedy bar, but with a 190-81 record at Princeton he doesn't need an Ivy image
by Kent Hannon

So Everything Was Jake 50
Jack Kramer looks back to the days when he left the shamateur ranks to turn pro—and honest
by Jack Kramer and Frank Deford

The Departments

Scorecard 7
College Basketball 35
Table Tennis 38
Skiing 43
Pro Basketball 46
College Football 48
For the Record 61
19th Hole 62

Credits on page 61

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

King cotton and No. 1, those would be unbeaten Texas' titles if it beats Notre Dame in Dallas. But if the Irish win, Notre Dame or one of the other once-beaten bowl teams—Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan and Oklahoma—could rule the roost.

How good are these 'cats? Kentucky basketball fans will learn the answer to that question as their unbeaten and No. 1-rated Wildcats face Notre Dame, which has a bench that is almost as talented as its starting line-up. Larry Keith reports.