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Shake Down the Thunder 6

Fifth-ranked Notre Dame toppled No. 1 Texas 38-10 in the Cotton Bowl

Third-ranked Alabama rocked No. 9 Ohio State 35-6 in the Sugar Bowl

Sixth-ranked Arkansas upset No. 2 Oklahoma 31-6 in the Orange Bowl

Thirteenth-ranked Washington stunned No. 4 Michigan 27-20 in the Rose

Strong in all Departments 12
Notre Dame set a lot of store by a scouting report that underrated Guard Kyle Macy, who led No. 1 Kentucky to a 73-68 win
by Larry Keith

Next Stop, New Orleans 14

Haven Moses' TD catches led Denver to the AFC title
by Dan Jenkins

Too Tall Jones jolted Minnesota as Dallas won the NFC
by Joe Marshall

...And Away We Go 20
It's the start of golf's celebrity season, when the crooners and comedians hack it up and get huzzahs for their hooks and shanks

A Little Hanky-Panky But No Fixes 26
A few players tried—and failed—to carry opponents on the pro tour of the '50s, but there were no tank jobs
by Jack Kramer and Frank Deford

Quest in the Jungle 86
Two American adventurers explore a nearly impenetrable Central American rain forest for a legendary lost city
by John Underwood

The Departments

Scorecard 3
College Basketball 72
Hockey 76
Pro Basketball 81
For the Record 98
19th Hole 100

Credits on page 98

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

Here come the girls, this year adorning the dazzling beaches and tranquil backwaters of Brazil in our swimsuit issue. Jule Campbell supplies the text, Walter Iooss Jr. the pictures—and Clive Gammon pursues the snook with the faraway look.

The super bowl is a game that is played on other fields besides the gridiron, as Frank Deford discovered in Los Angeles last January when he eavesdropped on some phone calls made by paying—and nonpaying—spectators.