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Still Three For One 16
Jimmy Connors won the Colgate Grand Prix but failed to settle the vexing question of who's No. 1—he, Borg or Vilas
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Come, Watson 20
...the game's afoot. And Tom responded to the call from Tucson for the first PGA event of the year by winning in style
by Dan Jenkins

Land of the Ice-cold Eyeballs 22
Skiing through an ice fog, two sisters-in-law and a brain trainer won big at the national cross-country championships
by William Oscar Johnson

Doomsday for the Orange 24
Dallas' Doomsday II defense should prevail over the Orange Crush when the Cowboys and Broncos clash in Super Bowl XII
by Joe Marshall

Practice Didn't Make Perfect 30
For the 1970-71 Princeton hockey team, the reward for all its hard work was one victory and 22 defeats
by E. M. Swift

Brazil Is Really Perking 34

Whether worn on beaches or in the jungle, the new swimsuits are designed to really bag the rays
by Jule Campbell and Walter Iooss Jr.

The author finds that piranhas prefer well-done steak, while the snook with the faraway look fancy shrimp hindquarters
by Clive Gammon

Sooper Dooper 56
Transcripts of phone calls made by visitors to last year's Super Bowl provide a revelatory glimpse of what the game is all about
by Frank Deford

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Scorecard 11
College Basketball 50
For The Record 75
19th Hole 76

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

Strong men paled and horses trembled when he cast his baleful eye on them, but half a century of hexing can be hard on a guy, and now the old gent is content to tell Pat Putnam about the days when he was known as Evil Eye Finkle.

The tall trees from terre haute, Indiana State's unbeaten Sycamores, are no one-man team. Forward Larry Bird is in the Top Ten in scoring and rebounding, but he has enough help for his team to be in the Top Ten, too. Larry Keith reports.