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Doomsday in the Dome 16
A ferocious Dallas defense forced turnovers galore as the Cowboys belted Denver's Broncos in the Super Bowl
by Dan Jenkins

Bird Has the Trees on Top 24
Basketball's surprise team, Indiana State's 12-0 Sycamores, got their coach off the retired list, their star off a garbage truck
by Larry Keith

Going for Gold in Old Garmisch 32
Forty-two years after the 1936 Olympics, that Bavarian village will host another wingding, the World Ski Championships

Evil in the Eye of an Older Beholder 38
The old orb ain't what it used to be, but once Ben Finkle could quell man and beast with his Slobodka Stare
by Pat Putnam

The Game Normal People Play 60
You, a normal human being, can learn the basics of tennis: how not to lose balls; how to cheat; and how, occasionally, to win
by Peter Nord

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Scorecard 13
TV/Radio 46
College Basketball 48
Track & Field 54
College Football 57
For the Record 73
19th Hole 74

Credits on page 73

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

Winner takes all, both the WBA and WBC world lightweight titles, when champion Roberto Duran and champ Esteban De Jesus slug it out for the third time. Esteban has won one, so has Roberto. Pat Putnam reports the rubber match.

The old participator, George Plimpton, tries the sport of hockey this time, joining the Boston Bruins as a goaltender. In Part I of Bozo the Bruin, Plimpton goes to training camp to gird himself for an appearance against Philadelphia's Flyers.