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The Slop and the Hustle Take Over 16
Franklin Jacobs' world-record high jump and Dick Buerkle's gutty mile had them dancing at the Millrose Games
by Pat Putnam

The Hand That Beat 16 Aces 20
An unrelenting Jimmy Connors defused Roscoe Tanner's rockets to win the U.S. Pro Indoor Championship
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Playing Like an Amateur 22
It can pay off, as JoAnne Carner learned when she used skills honed 20 years before to win the Colgate match-play event
by Walter Bingham

Foursquare for the Four-Corners 24
Basketball coaches from all over have adopted North Carolina's delay game, which is so good it may take a clock to stop it
by Don Delliquanti

'Lord, No More Than Five' 32
At the start of his five-minute stint in goal, all Bozo the Bruin wanted was to hold the Flyers to a goal a minute
by George Plimpton

Stealing Was My Specialty 62
As a youth, the Detroit Tigers' Ron LeFlore swiped everything but bases. In jail, his hustle was playing ball
by Ron LeFlore with Jim Hawkins

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Next Week

Notching another title is the aim of the Portland Trail Blazers, who have been cutting a wide swath through the NBA. Curry Kirkpatrick reports on Bill Walton & Company, who have the league's stingiest defense and best record.

The great gold rush, not to mention the silver and bronze stampede, is underway in the Bavarian Alps, where the top racers of 18 nations are competing in the 1978 World Ski Championships. William Oscar Johnson reports from Garmisch.