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Going Like Blazers 14
Portland is not just running away from everybody in the NBA, it's mounting an assault on the record books as well
by Curry Kirkpatrick

High Tide Washes Over the Vols 18
The Tennessee swim team brought its own brand of magic water, but it was Alabama that worked wonders
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

The Razors Have the Edge 20
No. 2 Arkansas and No. 12 Texas had a good old Southwest Conference shootout—but this time the game was basketball
by Larry Keith

Whipping the Cream of the Crop 22
The snow looked like a Bavarian dessert, but Stenmark and Moser-Proell made sweet work of the championships
by William Oscar Johnson

A Whole Lot of Hoopla 30
As Robert Heindel's paintings show, there is no spectacle like a midwinter college basketball game, especially, reports Larry Keith, at Kansas

A Mite Over the Bar 42
Little Franklin Jacobs is growing, but not as fast as his ability to astound purists with his flailing record high jumps
by Douglas S. Looney

Bird Thou Never Wert 56
Bird watchers set out in quest of the horned guan, an exotic denizen of Central America so rare as to seem legendary
by Robert Cantwell

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Scorecard 11
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Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Next Week

A rookie bonanza is what the NBA is enjoying this season. Curry Kirkpatrick surveys the crop, whose standouts are three fine starting forwards—Walter Davis of the Suns, Marques Johnson of the Bucks and Bernard King of the Nets.

Salary comes second because life is one big fringe benefit for a few fortunate folks whose working days are a lot like our days off. Douglas S. Looney visits three people who are busily playing while they're making a buck.