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The Cold Gold Preview

Lake Placid unveiled its new rink and Eric Heiden slashed to victory in what could be a 1980 Olympic rehearsal 10
by William Oscar Johnson

Holding back, then chuting the works, the East Germans came on strong to ice the four-man bobsled championship 12
by John Papanek

It's Whoooosh! Boom! Whoop! Time 14
Three forwards lead the NBA's resounding rookie crop: Davis of the Suns, the Bucks' Johnson and King of the Nets
by Curry Kirkpatrick

He Don't Get No Respect 18
Owner Bill Bidwill's disintegrating and disgruntled St. Louis Cardinals have already lost a coach and All-Pro guard. Stay tuned
by Joe Marshall

The World Is Small at 185 MPH 28
Riding with NASCAR star Benny Parsons on a thundering tour of Daytona can be eye-opening—if you have the nerve to look
by Sam Moses

'Learned in the Lore of Old Men' 34
Once Hiawatha was the stuff of legend in Sault Ste. Marie, but now hockey phenom Wayne Gretzky has turned on the town
by E. M. Swift

You Call This a Job? 60
Salary is secondary because life is one big fringe benefit for three people whose days on the job are like our days off
by Douglas S. Looney

The Departments

Scorecard 7
College Basketball 42
Boating 49
Horse Racing 55
For the Record 72
19th Hole 74

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

Abrasive, that's what you have to call Dr. Jack Scaff, who mercilessly goads Hawaiians into entering the Honolulu Marathon but also guarantees they will finish if they follow the rules set down in his clinic. Kenny Moore reports.

Slick, that's what Cale Yarborough, Richard Petty and David Pearson hope their new stock cars will prove to be as they meet in the Daytona 500, the first super-speedway race of the 1978 NASCAR season. Sam Moses is on hand for the action.