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He's the Greatest, I'm the Best 14
Ali was his man then, and he's his man now, but when Leon Spinks attacked, both title and heavyweight idol came tumbling down
by Pat Putnam

The NCAA Goes on the Defense 20
Like the FBI, the NCAA was once immune from attack, but now it faces a congressional probe. A preview of the hearings
by John Underwood

North for Sure, but Also East 30
The Anchorage Northern Knights are doing fine in the Eastern Basketball Association. Check it out in your atlas
by John Papanek

The Guns They Bang Away 36
A drive for woodcock at Ashford Castle provides tricky shooting, but it's child's play compared to trotting the bogs
by Virginia Kraft

Rules of the Road 58
Jack Scaff guarantees you'll complete the marathon if you follow his orders, and last year 95% of the Honolulu starters did both
by Kenny Moore

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Scorecard 11
College Basketball 44
Golf 50
Motor Sports 55
For the Record 73
19th Hole 74

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

They have rose in San Antone, the Spurs have, from third place in the NBA's Central Division last season to what could be a run away romp this year. One reason, as Curry Kirkpatrick reports, is their remarkable guard, George (Iceman) Gervin.

No social climbers, the rugged individualists who scale sheer rock walls claim their sport is more cerebral than physical—even on those occasions when they suffer an attack of the dread sewing-machine knee. Sam Moses writes a cliff-hanger.