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Calumet's Colors Fly Again 20
Powerful Alydar became the early Kentucky Derby favorite with a fast win in Hialeah's Flamingo Stakes
by William Leggett

Memorable Win for a Forgotten Team 24
After years in obscurity, Duke regained the spotlight in the ACC tournament with a squad that may one day be memorable
by Kent Hannon

Y'All Come on Down Now, Y'Heah 28
The White Sox have given Southern hospitality a new meaning by inviting a rent-a-star and a horde of lesser lights to Florida
by Larry Keith

The Iron Ball and the Bible 34
Leon Spinks may fight like a building wrecker, but he says Mama and the Good Book come before his heavyweight title
by Pat Putnam

How to Put Bad Backs Behind You 40
Backaches are a pain, but there's no reason to remain doubled up in agony when proper exercise can straighten you out
by J.D. Reed

Coach, You're Fired! 70
Paul Wiggin was the first, but not the last, NFL coach to lose his job. Now only one member of Wiggin's staff remains in Kansas City
by Ron Reid

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Scorecard 15
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Hockey 58
Horse Racing 64
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19th Hole 88

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Next Week

Hope springs eternal, especially during baseball's spring training, when the rookies do their best to steal the veterans' jobs. Larry Keith checks out some of this year's phenoms, particularly Kansas City's hard-hitting Clint Hurdle.

It's the same old story of recruiting violations in college basketball, except now the women are committing them. In their rush to the big time, they have instituted weak rules and weaker policing. Kent Hannon reports on a mess in the making.