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All Out and Wide Open 12
UCLA and Kentucky prevailed and Marquette and New Mexico were upset in an NCAA tournament that most anyone can win
by Kent Hannon

Flyers, the Captain's Speaking 16
Back from an injury, Bobby Clarke aroused Philadelphia with some Stanley Cup rhetoric and led the Flyers to four victories
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

A Smash Without a Crash 18
Once known for his crash landings, Charlie Tickner performed with nary a slip to win the world figure skating title
by Douglas S. Looney

The Hopefuls Spring Eternal 20
Of all the rookies in baseball training camps, Kansas City's Clint Hurdle has the best chance to become an instant star
by Larry Keith

It's One Big Party 28
Arkansas Derby Week draws the bettors and tourists to storied Hot Springs for racing and another kind of bath
by Jay Cronley

Too Far, Too Fast 34
A mess is in the making in women's college basketball, which is governed by weak, misguided rules and inadequate policing
by Kent Hannon

Send In the Clown 66
He could bust them up with a right and break them up with laughter, but Max Baer's career was shadowed with tragedy
by Ron Fimrite

The Departments

Scorecard 9
Wrestling 46
Pro Basketball 50
Track & Field 54
Tennis 63
For the Record 79
19th Hole 80

Credits on page 79

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

Next Week

Those two Tom Terrifics, Watson and Weiskopf, will try to give Jack Nicklaus a double dose of birdies and eagles as the pros stage their Tournament Players Championship at Florida's Sawgrass. Dan Jenkins reports from oceanside.

REMEMBER WHATSHERNAME? Oh, yes, Chris Evert, that's it. Used to play tennis, right? Well, after four months away from the game she's in Boston for a tournament—and a probable meeting with Martina. Sarah Pileggi is at courtside.