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Off in a World of His Own 20
Jack Nicklaus won the Tournament Players Championship and now has finished second, first, second, first in his last four outings
by Dan Jenkins

Ready to Run a Long Way 24
A field of 186 ran in the Avon International Women's Marathon to prove who is the best in the world and also to prove a point
by Kenny Moore

They're a Fearsome Foursome 26
Any of the NCAA's regional winners—Kentucky, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Duke—could end up not singing the St. Louis Blues

A Time for All Us Children 34
On a spring-training idyll, a father takes his son to meet regulars, superstars and that inexplicable figure, the idol
by Frank Deford

England Is High on Red Rum 38
A 13-year-old legend, with a fondness for curative, matutinal, saltwater strolls, is favored to win his fourth Grand National
by Clive Gammon

Keep the Ball Rolling 44
Pelè is gone, but Peter Frampton and six new teams are on hand as the NASL season opens on a key word: momentum
by J. D. Reed

Nibbling Bark Isn't Foraging 84
It's the pleasure of tapping maples, making the pawpaw connection—in short, like a good quarterback, taking what's given to you
by Bil Gilbert

The Departments

Scorecard 15
College Basketball 64
Tennis 68
Boxing 70
Wrestling 76
Horse Racing 80
For the Record 97
19th Hole 98

Credits on page 97

Cover photograph by Tony Triolo

Next Week

Using its noodle, the International Tennis Federation is studying the interdicted spaghetti racket, which, J. D. Reed reports, has given rise to antipasta and propasta factions. A decision on whether to continue the ban is expected in July.

Diddle-Dee Berries are just the ticket for massive mullet in the remote Falkland Islands, but, as Clive Gammon discovered, a well-presented spoon is all it takes to take one's fill of the bleak, windy archipelago's enormous sea-run trout.