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NCAA Basketball 18
No one was surprised to find a veteran Kentucky team in the finals, but few had predicted that its opponent would be Duke
by Larry Keith

No. 1 for the Wizardess 22
UCLA's Billie Moore picked up where John Wooden left off, guiding her Bruins to the AIAW championship
by Bruce Newman

The Spark Is Missing 24
Oh, Sparky Lyle's in camp, but baseball is an afterthought because he thinks he's being crowded out of the bullpen
by John Papanek

Bald Is Beautiful 26
Tennessee ended USC's four-year domination of the NCAA swimming title and, amazingly, none of the Vols caught a cold
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Antipasta vs. Propasta 34
Using its noodle, the ITA has been studying the notorious spaghetti tennis racket, and is expected to decide on its legality in July
by J. D. Reed

Pursuing an Ancient Pursuit 45
Running down a deer Indian-style, he was caught up in the challenge of the chase, until he became aware of its beauty
by Michael Baughman

Trout Heaven in a Bit of Hell 84
Among the ghosts of wrecked ships and lost seamen, the Falkland Islands harbor some of the world's biggest sea-run browns
by Clive Gammon

The Departments

Scorecard 13
TV/Radio 50
Tennis 60
Boxing 67
Horse Racing 73
College Hockey 81
For the Record 105
19th Hole 106

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Next Week

Baseball '78 leads off with a unique look at the game's two top hitters, Rod Carew and George Foster; up next is Melissa Ludtke, with her revelatory report on the relationship between sport's oddest couple, the plate umpire and the catcher; third in the order is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of all 26 teams; and cleanup is Frank Deford, who doffs his cap to Opening Day and other baseball traditions. Plus coverage of all the week's events.