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And Then There Was One 16
Gary Player won his third Masters by shooting a spectacular eight-under-par 64 and then watching his challengers come up short
by Dan Jenkins

The Girls Make a Splash 22
Tracy Caulkins, 15, set five American records at the AAU swimming championships and sent East Germany a message
by J. D. Reed

Why Is This Man Eating Popcorn? 24
Portland's Bill Walton is in the stand stuffing junk food because he's hurt. That means anyone can win the NBA playoffs
by Curry Kirkpatrick

The Derby Is Old Hat 32
But this year's race may turn out to be the topper for Calumet Farm and its owners, Admiral and Mrs. Gene Markey
by William Leggett

The Cable Cars, the Fog—and Willie 36
In an era when players rarely evoke affection, San Francisco's Willie McCovey has, at 40, become a beloved civic monument
by Ron Fimrite

Shadowers and Superpests 42
Hockey's specialists can turn the tide in the Stanley Cup, and the Montreal Canadiens once again are extra special
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

On the Run but in No Hurry 78
In an excerpt from his new book, the noted doctor-runner expounds on the distresses and delights of the marathon
by Dr. George A. Sheehan

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Scorecard 11
Baseball 53
Horse Racing 60
Boxing 63
Soccer 70
For the Record 93
19th Hole 94

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Credits on page 93

Next Week

It's radical, dad, young John Zinsser might have said to his father, writer William, as the two explored the wonderland of Florida skateboard parks after a winter of discontent on makeshift venues—the culverts and parking lots of Connecticut.

That championship season in which Kentucky won the NCAA basketball title was not all fun and glory. As Barry McDermott recounts, the Wildcats squared off among themselves and were hounded by a statewide mania and a legend.