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Ready for a Sonic Boom 12
Seattle was flying high, about to close out the Nuggets, when it encountered turbulence in Denver in Game 5
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Mother's Day Present for Dad 16
In the WCT finals, Gerulaitis finally beat Dibbs, which pleased his father and enabled him to put a down payment on the Ferrari
by Barry McDermott

Gimme an 'S,' Gimme an 'E'... 18
...gimme an 'X.' And pro football fans will get it, as cheerleaders for more teams are adopting the Dallas Cowboy look
by Bruce Newman

Uproar Over a Controversial Drug 20
After one death and several accidents, jockeys are asking questions about the Butazolidin given their horses
by Douglas S. Looney

Power from the People 30
The Fourth International Human-Powered Speed Championships saw a big white something smash the 50-mph barrier
by Sarah Pileggi

They Answered DeGaulle of the Wild 34
The clue was...No, agonize with those who got down (and across) to it at the crossword puzzle tournament
by Lewis Grossberger

Swift and Sure 40
An inside strait and an outside rush into the rolling Pacific mark this racing classic, where the tides wait for no man
by Julie Lamb

The Game Goes On 70
Efforts to save Kenya's wildlife from the encroachment of civilization and the depredations of poachers may be paying off
by Robert F. Jones

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