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A Bonny Victory 14
After going three years without winning a major tournament, Nicklaus broke through at St. Andrews to win his third British Open
by Dan Jenkins

Sometimes a Guy's Gotta Swoop 18
And when that mood strikes, it's fly now, train later for Leon Spinks, who is enjoying the heavyweight title in his own style
by Bruce Newman

The Phillies' Little Big Man 22
While teammates of greater stature slumped or sat, Larry Bowa used his bat, glove and guts to lead the Phils to the top
by Larry Keith

Off to Oshkosh, by Gosh 28
Flying everything from antiques to aerial hot rods, everyone heads for the big jamboree in rural Wisconsin
by Julia Lamb

Money in Sports: Part 2 34
Although team owners have the loot to pay big salaries, can sports or the players afford them?
by Ray Kennedy and Nancy Williamson

Any Distance, Any Weight 66
From six furlongs to two miles, carrying up to 138 pounds, Forego won 34 of 57 races in his glorious career
by Bill Nack

The Departments

Scorecard 9
Baseball 50
Soccer 58
Cycling 62
For the Record 79
19th Hole 80

Credits on page 79

Cover photograph by Peter Robinson

Next Week

Mr. Hot and Mr. Cool, volatile Viktor Korchnoi, a defector from the U.S.S.R., and Soviet smoothie Anatoly Karpov, make their first deliberate moves in the world chess championship. J. D. Reed reports from Baguio in the hills north of Manila.

Cutdown day in pro football is the day "The Turk" comes around to collect your playbook and tell you you're gone. In an excerpt from his new novel, "Texas Celebrity Turkey Trot," ex-Dallas Cowboy Peter Gent tells what it's like for a veteran.