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A Bunt That Went Boom! 14
When Reggie Jackson defied Billy Martin by bunting, he set off a chain of events that led to the manager's resignation
by Larry Keith

The Legend Returns to Turn Them On 20
For the Cardinals, prospects looked dim. Then out of yesteryear came the whistle blasts of the great Coach Wilkinson
by Bruce Newman

Back to the Drawing Board 22
The Soviet champion and a vocal defector began what shaped up as a draw-filled, drawn-out struggle for the world chess title
by J. D. Reed

Swinging in a Star 28
Although he shines in other boats, world champion Dennis Conner keeps coming back to sailing's most popular class
by Coles Phinizy

Money in Sports: Part 3 34
Are fans up in arms over the commercialism in sports, or is that a cheer they're raising?
by Ray Kennedy and Nancy Williamson

Waiting for the Turk 68
Pro football's cutdown day is agonizing for rookies but it's worse for old and injured players nearing the end of their careers
by Peter Gent

The Departments

Scorecard 9
TV/Radio 53
Baseball 54
Golf 61
Boxing 65
For the Record 83
19th Hole 84

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Cover photograph by John Iacono

Next Week

In the lidlifter of a baseball doubleheader, this season's revival of the Dodger-Giant rivalry evokes for Ron Fimrite memories of the days when big league ball went West and brought with it the game's fiercest rivals—and some of its biggest stars.

And in the nightcap—or is it the madcap?—the starting pitcher is Boston's Bill Lee. Curry Kirkpatrick goes along while the Spaceman—his propeller beanie firmly in place, his mouth flapping at full speed—whirls off in an orbit all his own.