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Jumping for Joy 16
John Mahaffey beat Tom Watson and Jerry Pate for the PGA Championship by sinking a 12-foot birdie putt in sudden death
by Dan Jenkins

Going Flat-Out in California 20
The Giants and Dodgers split a rousing four-game series in a vain attempt to determine who was best in the West
by Ron Fimrite

The Right Turn on a Cook's Tour 22
While rivals swerved off course or conked out, Betty Cook listened to her navigator and won the Lake Erie race
by Coles Phinizy

Big Splash in Texas 24
One world record at the AAU swimming championships was inspired by disco sounds, another was a real shocker
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Stress, Strain and Pain 30
Like many pitchers, Tommy John and Steve Busby developed sore arms. John found a cure; Busby may not make it back
by Ron Fimrite

An Unfolding Tragedy 68
The coming crisis in football is epitomized by the helmet, which is both a barbarous weapon and inadequate protection
by John Underwood

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Scorecard 12
Baseball Week 44
Horse Racing 53
International Games 57
Harness Racing 60
Fishing 64
For the Record 87
19th Hole 88

Credits on page 87

Cover painting by Walt Spitzmiller

Next Week

How do I love me? Let me count the ways: as a super sailor, as the super owner of Atlanta's Hawks and Braves, as a communications tycoon. All of which makes Ted Turner, as he tells Curry Kirkpatrick, a bit bigger, and a lot louder, than life.

Congenial, not contentious are the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. Which is not to say there are no rivalries, such as in the 5,000 meters, in which Kenya's Henry Rono and England's Brendan Foster will meet. Kenny Moore reports.