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Off On a Wronged Foot 18
Bill Walton abruptly quit the Blazers after a dispute over the team's medical practices—and headed for Golden State
by John Papanek

Galloping Toward a Dream Race 24
Seattle Slew won at Saratoga. So did Affirmed. The real news is that the two are headed for a history-making showdown
by William Leggett

Big Splash in Edmonton 26
England's Francis Daley Thompson chased the decathlon record and Henry Rono won two golds at the Commonwealth Games
by Kenny Moore

Punishment Is a Crime 32
Intimidate! Gang tackle! Pursue! Those are now bywords in football, having largely replaced "sportsmanship"
by John Underwood

He's Still Le Grand Orange 58
In Detroit he is known simply as Rusty Staub, but in any language the Tigers' 34-year-old designated hitter is one solid swinger
by Larry Keith

Going Real Strawwng 70
As television tycoon, team owner and super sailor, Ted Turner has become a star who is bigger and a bit louder than life
by Curry Kirkpatrick

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Scorecard 13
Baseball 58
TV/Radio 62
Horse Racing 65
For the Record 83
19th Hole 84

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

Has the tiger turned tabby? Since 1974, the year he was near unbeatable, Jimmy Connors has played in the finals of seven major tournaments—and lost six. On the eve of the U.S. Open, Frank Deford takes the tiger—or tabby—by the tail.

That matchless pair, Triple Crown winner Affirmed and Alydar, the runner-up in the three-year-old classics, meet for the 10th time in the Travers. William Leggett reports from Saratoga on the latest installment of their long-running cliff-hanger.