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Two in a Row for the Cosmos 18
Rich and ready, the Cosmos won their second consecutive Soccer Bowl from a Tampa Bay team that missed one of its stars
by Clive Gammon

A Dutch Treat for Mario 22
By roaring away with the Grand Prix at Zandvoort, America's Andretti wheeled closer to the world championship
by Robert F. Jones

Blood on the Dodger Blue 24
Though division leaders, both the Dodgers and the Phillies were hurting, particularly L.A.'s brawl-rocked "happy family"
by Ron Fimrite

Uncle Sam's Girls Play It Again 26
U.S. women swimmers are back on top, shocking the Olympic-champion East Germans in Berlin's world title meet
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

Pro Football' 78

Bud Goode and his farseeing computer put Dallas and Miami in the Super Bowl, with the Big D winning by three 34
by Joe Marshall

A Zurich is every football bettor's dream—a sure thing. Which leads to this football writer's fall fantasy 36
by Dan Jenkins

A good tight end is as fast as a running back, has a receiver's hands and a blocker's strength. Here are the best 40
by Ron Reid

An assessment of all 28 teams, with a computer readout of Goode's point spread for every game of the 16-week season 48
by Joe Marshall

A Do-Gooder Who's Doing Good 86
Roger Staubach—the Cowboy Galahad—is ready to mount his white horse and ride off in quest of another championship
by Robert F. Jones

The Departments

Scorecard 13
TV/Radio 64
Baseball 66
Road Racing 72
Dogs 79
For the Record 103
19th Hole 104

Cover photograph by Carl Iwasaki

Credits on page 103

Next Week

College Football kicks off a new season that will not crown its champion until the last whistle blows on the first night of next year. In this special issue our forecasters predict the Top 20 teams, along with the outcome of conference title races, and also tell who's big in the small-college divisions. John Underwood learns the Coach's prescription for the game's headaches, Doug Looney samples Hog Heaven with Coach Lou Holtz at Arkansas and Rick Telander profiles a 'Bama redshirt.