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Once More to the Top 16
Circling a confused Leon Spinks, old master Ali jabbed a bit and grabbed a bit and won the world title all over again
by Pat Putnam

It's Slew, That's Who 22
Seattle Slew answered his critics with a wire-to-wire win over Affirmed at Belmont's showdown between Triple Crown winners
by William Leggett

Seeing Ain't Believing 24
Even the Yankees remained surprised as their record surge continued, carrying them past the Red Sox and into first place
by Larry Keith

Penn State States Its Case 34
The Nittany Lions have never been selected No. 1. Not once. They mean to change that this season, as Ohio State found out
by John Underwood

The U.S. Hits Pay Dirt 53
After four lean years on Latin clay courts, American Davis Cuppers finally won the Zone finals against Chile
by Frank Deford

If the le le Don't Get You... 72
...the a'a will, as the author discovered when he accompanied a band of scientists on a survey of Hawaiian birdlife
by Kenny Moore

The Departments

Scorecard 11
Baseball 44
Tennis 53
College Football 56
Pro Football 67
Equestrian Events 70
For the Record 85
19th Hole 86

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Cover photograph by James Drake

Next Week

The more the merrier for Mario Andretti, who's won the Indy 500, the Daytona 500, Sebring and this year the Formula I championship. Robert F. Jones profiles this jack-of-all-vehicles who is only the second American to take the Grand Prix title.

From turmoil to triumph has been the path of Reggie Smith's baseball career. Accused of malingering in Boston, maligned in St. Louis, he has, as Ron Fimrite relates, become a hero in L.A., where he is leading the Dodgers to another title.