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It Came Down to a Playoff 30
After a tense final week, the Yankees and Red Sox ended the season in a tie and had to play a 163rd game
by Peter Gammons and Larry Keith

The Doctor Was 20-20 Reading the Green 36
When Hubert let the World Series of Golf slip out of focus, Gil Morgan saw his chance to win on the first extra hole
by Dan Jenkins

Open Season on the Zebras 38
NFL officials have almost routinely botched up games this season with their quick whistles and questionable calls
by William Oscar Johnson

The Dakota Goodlands 46
All indications point to a banner year for pheasant shooting in South Dakota—indeed, the best season in 20 years
by Virginia Kraft

Arming Himself for the Fray 56
Al Turner became an arm-wrestling champ on God-given strength, but he's been training. At 50 he may have 12 more good years
by Terry Todd

A Thing of Beauty 120
Dive into pool, a game whose clarity and precision have fascinated devotees ever since the cue was tipped 170 years ago
by Robert Byrne

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Scorecard 25
College Football 93
Baseball 100
College Athletics 102
Soccer 110
Hockey 116
For the Record 141
19th Hole 142

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Next Week

Pro Basketball is back, with the world-champion Washington Bullets in a new division, free agents Marvin Webster and Rick Barry hoping to swing the balance of power to New York and Houston, and MVP Bill Walton still sidelined. But controversial Elvin Hayes is ready for his 11th season, and John Papanek finds the Bullets' star seeking his peers' respect. Other features include Barry McDermott's profile of Raymond Lewis, a legend who hasn't made it, and scouting reports of all 22 teams. In addition: reports on baseball's playoffs and the U.S.-Cuba boxing matches.