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Serving Up Two Over Easy 24
In four-game playoffs, the Yankees scrambled the Royals, while the Dodgers fried the Phillies
by Ron Fimrite and Larry Keith

Whooping It Up in Washington 30
Supposedly rebuilding this season, the Redskins are undefeated and uninhibited under their new coach, Jack Pardee
by Dan Jenkins

Oklahoma Is Filled to Overflowing 32
The Sooners suspected they were good before meeting Texas, but they found that their cup runneth—and passeth—over
by Douglas S. Looney

Heavens, What a Year! 42

The NBA opens this week with Bill Walton out, Marvin Webster and Rick Barry on new teams, and three refs on the court
by Curry Kirkpatrick

Elvin Hayes finally has his NBA championship ring. Now what he wants most is the respect of his peers 46
by John Papanek

Champion Washington is in the Atlantic Division, Philly is phearsome, and the boom is over for the Sonics. Complete scouting reports 54

A Legend Seeks His Past 98
Once considered the greatest basketball talent in L.A., Raymond Lewis is now 26 and still hasn't played an NBA game
by Barry McDermott

The Departments

Scorecard 19
TV/Radio 67
College Football 68
Tennis 79
Boxing 82
Weight Lifting 90
For the Record 115
19th Hole 116

Credits on page 115

Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Next Week

IT'S BECOMING A TRADITION AGAIN. Dodgers vs. Yankees, the standard Subway Series pairing 25 years ago, is in the second year of a stirring '70s revival as the Bronx Bombers and L.A. Bums collide in the Jet-Lag Series. Ron Fimrite reports.

IT'S HOCKEY TIME AGAIN. Scouting reports separate the contenders from the pretenders in both leagues, from Swift assays the NHL's fine second-year defensemen and Bruce Newman visits the WHA's peripatetic pox on franchises, Andre Lacroix.