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No Place Like Home 20
The Dodgers swept the first two World Series games in L.A., but the Yankees barged to a 3-2 lead by being unbeatable in N. Y.
by Ron Fimrite

Fancy Passing Was Not a Passing Fancy 28
"Deep Threat," an X-and O-rated production featuring fleet receivers, is now being shown at your local NFL stadium
by Joe Marshall

Hockey 1978-79 36

The NHL struck a rich vein of Orr last season with the discovery of six Bobby Orr-style defensemen
by E. M. Swift

Scouting reports project that Montreal will make it four straight Stanley Cups and that New England will be No. 1 in the WHA 42

The five WHA teams for which Andrè Lacroix has played have all gone broke, and he's the league's top scorer
by Bruce Newman 58

Horror in the High Country 100
A fictional account of what happens to a man living in harmony with nature when a pack of dogs destroys the things he loves
by Jack Curtis

The Departments

Scorecard 15
College Football 69
Boxing 76
Fishing 82
Horse Racing 88
Soccer 94
19th Hole 120

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Cover photograph by Manny Millan

Next Week

Running away with it all is what Bill Rodgers has been doing with a remarkable string of 18 road-racing victories this year. Kenny Moore reports on Rodgers' attempt to win No. 19 by successfully defending his New York City Marathon title.

Hale and hearty again after missing five games with a knee injury, bespectacled Bob Griese leads the Miami Dolphins into Foxboro for an AFC East showdown with Steve Grogan and New England's Patriots. Joe Marshall surveys the battle.