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All Around the Town 24
Bill Rodgers started in Staten Island and finished in Manhattan as he won his third straight New York marathon
by Kenny Moore

Cheers for the Red, White and Blue 30
The Patriots gave New England something to shout about as they took over the top spot in the AFC East by mauling Miami
by Joe Marshall

30-95, and Look Who's Alive 32
With the NCAA recruiting rule in full effect, former have-nots like SMU are already making inroads on the old order
by Douglas S. Looney

Big Bucks Flambè 40
Golf war flamed up on both sides of the Channel, with money the ammunition and U.S. players the heavy winners
by Dan Jenkins

Fancy Figures down at the Rink 44
Plush facilities are in and the Roller Derby image is out as competitive roller skating stages a comeback
by Julia Lamb

Waa-Mu! Waa-Who? 92
Northwestern, stronger in theater than in football, kids its hapless teams, but affectionately and with understanding
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

The Departments

Scorecard 21
College Football 55
Chess 72
Baseball 76
For the Record 107
19th Hole 110

Credits on page 107

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

Next Week

The door is wide open, says the WBC world heavyweight champ, and contenders may now step up to fight the baddest dude of them all. Pat Putnam chronicles the life and hard times of Larry Holmes as he prepares for the first defense of his title.

What a run of runners USC is working on. Right now it's Charles White, but the line goes back through Ricky Bell, Anthony Davis, Sam Cunningham, Clarence Davis, O.J. Simpson and Mike Garrett. John Underwood traces a Trojan tradition.