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Racing's Biggest Scandal 26
Convicted fixer Tony Ciulla claims he has rigged hundreds of races by bribing jockeys and drugging horses
by Bill Surface

Starr Has a New Bunch of Stars 32
Their names are Whitehurst and Middleton, Johnson and Gofourth, and they might have brought the Packers all the way back
by Dan Jenkins

Rose May Not Be Red Anymore 34
Pete Rose wants to be baseball's best-paid player, but his Cincy employers demur. So Pete has become a free agent
by E. M. Swift

Don't Hate 'Em, Just Hit 'Em 46
For years he battled in obscurity, but now WBC Heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes finds life more meaningful than mean
by Pat Putnam

That Fitz Is a Honey 52
As in money, but 76ers owner Fitz Dixon knows that it can't guarantee success—his team has proved that abundantly
by Douglas S. Looney

The Name Is Cale 98
Having just won his third straight NASCAR stock-car championship, Cale Yarborough is pondering a governorship
by Sam Moses

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Scorecard 21
College Football 63
Volleyball 73
Pro Football 76
Boating 80
Pro Basketball 87
Horse Racing 92
For the Record 125
19th Hole 126

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