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A Lionized Defense 18
Penn State stopped Maryland 27-3 in a battle of unbeatens by stymieing the Terps' rushing and stealing their passes
by John Underwood

C'mon, Flames, Light Mah Fire 22
Hockey's hottest team is the Atlanta Flames, and they may put a match to the city's tag of "Losersville, U.S.A."
by E.M. Swift

The Sonics Garde Is Up 24
Seattle was supposed to fall apart without Center Marvin Webster, but Tom LaGarde has filled in admirably as the Sonics roll
by Curry Kirkpatrick

It Could Be Doomsday in Dallas 26
The Super Bowl champion Cowboys lost their fourth game of the season, to Miami, and face a fight just to make the playoffs
by Joe Marshall

Horses for His Kingdom 36
Robert Sangster literally has the horses—and he has made good on his threat to shake racing by the neck
by Clive Gammon

What's Up, Doc? Nearly Too Much 40
By skipping practice and studying 18 hours a day, Kentucky's Jim Kovach is combining med school with linebacking
by William F. Reed

A Long Time between Beers 74
What began as a pleasant day's fishing trip off Baja California turned into an 11-day ordeal for two Los Angeles anglers
by H. Marvin Bird

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