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A Case of Fratricide 12
Big Ten basketball teams, after murdering non-league foes, turned on each other. The big victims: Michigan State and Illinois
by Larry Keith

It Was All Over Before the End 16
Behind on points, welterweight champ Carlos Palomino made his move to stop Wilfredo Benitez. But it was too late
by Pat Putnam

Starting a Season Full of Hope 18
The tour started in a new place at a new time, but John Mahaffey held off a Lee Trevino charge and picked up where he left off
by Dan Jenkins

An Island Unto Himself 20
Hockey's fastest draw belongs to Mike Bossy, whose 35 goals this season have helped lead the Islanders to the NHL's best record
by E. M. Swift

Super Showdowns

Often plagued by clunkers, the Super Bowl offers a classic matchup in Game XIII as Pittsburgh and Dallas go after a third title 28
by Joe Marshall

Cowboy Safeties Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters would prefer to forget Dallas' last Bowl encounter with Lynn Swann 32
by Robert F. Jones

Yankee from Louisiana 60
Ron Guidry, the Cajun shotgun, spent the summer bagging hitters. Now he's by the bayous trying to be just another Guidry
by Sam Moses

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For the Record 75
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