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Flying to the Top 14
Indiana State's 18-0 record is the nation's best, and so is its forward, Larry Bird, but hardly anybody seems to know it
by Bruce Newman

An Odd Way to Make Things Even 18
College administrators are apprehensive of the government's efforts to bring parity to women's sports
by John Underwood

The Spur of the Moment 20
San Antonio's James Silas has been struggling with injuries for two years, but now the NBA is seeing the ABA's best guard
by John Papanek

A Grave Ending for Arthur 22
Much to Ashe's disgust, all the talk in Philadelphia was that he had risen from the ashes; he had, until Connors laid him to rest
by E. M. Swift

"Hey, I Got the Ducks!" 32
A look at the raucous art of scalping tickets, a sub-rosa but practically universal adjunct of major sports events
by Roy Blount Jr.

She Sells Seychelles 36
For this week only, girls in glamorous swimsuits decorate the beaches of the Pearls of the Indian Ocean
by Jule Campbell and Walter Iooss Jr.

Islands of Paradise 58
A country where the clock strikes twice and exceedingly rare birds appear at a whistle—this is the Seychelles
by George Plimpton

The Departments

Scorecard 11
TV/Radio 50
College Basketball 52
For the Record 73
19th Hole 74

Credits on page 73

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

Next Week

A real nice clambake is in store for the Monterey Peninsula when the 38th Bing Crosby National Pro-Am tees off. Dan Jenkins will be between the cypress and the deep blue sea, watching Tom Watson go for his third consecutive championship.

No Indian giver, Danny (Little Red) Lopez, who is chiefly Ute, likes to keep what he has, which is the WBC featherweight championship. Bruce Newman pays a call on the champ, who has a habit of getting decked, only to rise and go on the warpath.